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Inherit settings on folders

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One feature we would like to have is the ability to set permissions and settings on folders, which then connections in that folder inherit. It should also be possible to set if these settings can be individually overridden for connections in each folder.

For example, we require that each users enter comments when opening a connection. This should be a setting that is inherited from the connection's parent folder, so that when new connections are created in this folder or when old connections are moved in to this folder, this setting is always correct.

It would be good if it also was possible to have a more fine granular ACL for permissions, for example allowing users to create connections and only edit certain fields, and perhaps a setting that only lets members of group X set permissions for parent folders.

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We always try to enhance the security model. However it's not a simple task without impacting the performance. I have entered two features request in our database.

Thank you

David Hervieux


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Thank you!

Please let us know if you want additional info about this, we look forward to have this in a future version of RDM smile

Andreaes Paulsson

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