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Shortcut original credentials / global playlist

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Hi Folks

Sometimes we have to open up to 6 sessions from different domains (means as well different user-specific credentials) for different tasks (installing software updates etc).

I now created a Group called "_TASKGROUPS" and a subgroup called "SoftwareX Update". There I placed Shortcuts to 6 sessions.

- SoftwareX Update
-- Shortcut to Server A
-- Shortcut to Server B

DOMAIN A (personal credentials for Domain A)
- Server A (inherited credentials)

DOMAIN B (personal credentials for Domain B)
- Server B (inherited credentials)

Now every single session asks for a password of course. Because the original sessions inherit their creds from above.

1. Is there a possibility to create an option for shortcuts to use the original credential structure?

2. Another possibility would to save Playlists globally. That could be easier to implement;-)

Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi Daniel,
I think that the global playlist could be an really interesting feature. I have entered a feature request for that.

David Hervieux


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