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RDM without the ability to remotely connect

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Seems like an odd request however I use my Microsoft Surface 2 for a lot of maintenance tasks. Now I do realize that the abscence of Active X RDP makes it currently impossible for the application to function.

However it would be nice to be able to use the environment to maintain my datasource. My main need to to be able to run powershell commands/scripts to import connections into my datasource. Again while the ability to use RDM to its full potental on this platform would be very nice I do understand that it cannot be done given the currently structure of RDM and the limitations of Windows RT but it would be a very useful feature to be able to work on my datasource in windows RT.

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Hi Douglas.
I think could be very interesting for sure. We could also do a Windows Phone version at the same time. The only problem is time. We can't reuse what we currently have. It's a complete rewrite because RDM use winform and it's not supported by Windows RT.

So the plan could be to reuse our cross-platform framework (Mac, IOS and Android) and redesign the UI for RDM RT. I can't give you a time frame but we now have 3 people full time working on the Android version. We expect to work on the IOS version soon.

David Hervieux


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