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"Full Screen with Auto-Hide Tabs" Option

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Hey Guys -

When connecting to an RDP Session - especially on my laptop with a smaller screen - I try to get it to use as much of the screen as possible. However, I like to have a few options viewable, but only the ones required. Therefore, I'd like to have the option to do something similar to the below scenario:

Full Screen with Auto-Hide Tabs
- When you connect to RDP session (if you select this option), the remote session goes to full screen.

- A ribbon (or same dropdown native RDP has) with tabs to other connections is on the top and may be pinned
- A ribbon (or similar to your current navigation bar) to navigate or start new sessions will "auto-hide" and may be pinned to the left

A good example of the above example except with static navigation and tabs would be with Smartcode VNC Manager ( It's the only thing I prefer from it to RDM.

Is this possible or is there something like this already with a slimmed-down setting?

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edited by bzowk on 4/23/2014

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Could you send me a print screen of what you get in smartcode?
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David Hervieux


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