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Full screen mode (reposted for clarity)

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I'm reposting this out of the "Auto-hide Sessions Pane" thread since it's a different request and I don't think I was very clear in describing it before. Hopefully now that 6.5 is out this can start being considered for the next major version. Here's my original post with screenshots of another program I have to use on my resolution-challenged laptop.

I would love if RDM would have a Full Screen Mode where it's practically the Shell, making the system (or a monitor in a multi-monitor setup) in essence a thin client with RDM maximized. The Windows taskbar would be hidden and the only wrapper elements would be the Tab Bar with the min/max/close buttons, it would be perfect if it had a similar menu bar drop down from a button as in my screenshot. The Session Pane would be its own tab as well. This allows access to RDM's controls without any session resizing which is slow on lower end systems or especially if running RDM over RDP on a remote computer.

On a high resolution monitor this might not seem very important (although I still use it the other program this way on a dedicated monitor and "pop out" some connections to other monitors as needed) but it's almost a necessity when connecting from a laptop.

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I think that this would be an excellent feature for our product. I will keep your post in mind in my next UI redesign.

David Hervieux


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Is possibile to hide the caption-bar of remote desktop manager? I want have a complete full screen mode.
Thank you

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