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New Add-On : Bomgar Representative Console

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We’re thrilled to announce that there’s a new member of the Devolutions Add-On family: Bomgar Representative Console

With this new Add-on, you’ll be able to define an Remote Desktop Manager session to easily and securely support remote computers and mobile devices via Bomgar. Here’s what you can automatically do:

  • Login
  • Start a session with a search string (host/description)
  • Start a script from disk
  • Save a script within the session data to be able to start it on another workstation.

Direct Download:

Maxime Trottier


Clock6 yrs

Hi Maxime,

thanks a lot for integrating Bomgar with the Remote Desktop Manager. Unfortunetally I am not able to use the plugin as I always get the error "Unable to find Bomgar executable".

Is there any way I have not seen yet to specify the path of the executable to get it running?

Thanks a lot!

Clock4 yrs


Please take a look at our help topic on the Bomgar integration If you want to specify a different path for the add-on, you can do so by going into Files > Options > Path > Configure installation path, find the Bomgar settings and edit the path.
If you have any further question, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum section. Thank you!


Hubert Mireault


Clock4 yrs