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Counting work hours spent on Remote Desktop

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I am using RDC for my daily work. Servers administration, network administration etc. By the book I should write down every remote job I do, but in real world it all goes too quickly I can hardly follow up. Phones ringing, gozillion requests via HelpDesk, another gozillion via email, having a dozen of Remote Desktops opened at a time, so I cannot remember where my head is, who would think of writing down what you were doing and how much time you spent on each case after such a day?
So, I think it would be a GREAT idea to have RDC somehow collect my activity on remote desktops, and show a summary upon request. I could then sum up all my remote work for each site/RDC folder at the end of the month, and attach report to my monthl bill.

The only caveat here is whether it is possible to not just see if Remote Desktop is opened or not, but also if it is active or not. But for start, some monthly stats of time spent having just OPENED each remote desktop would be great.

What do you think?

Clock6 yrs

Are you using an Advanced data source? Because it's implemented in the Usage Log accessible via View -> Logs -> View usage log.

For embedded RDP we have more info, one timer for the session being active, an another which we do as best as we can to capture user activity.

Maurice Côté


Clock6 yrs