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Auto-Refresh, Session type Text like wordpad

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Not sure if someone has requested this already or not....
IT'd be nice to have RDM auto refresh every 5 minutes, or better yet have a "live" view of the data.
We have some people who never close RDM then say "Where's so and so... I don't see it?" and they just have to refresh or close/reopen RDM.
Also, it'd be nice to have the "Session type Text" open up like wordpad when you double click on it... so you can edit it, etc. in the full tabbed browser rather than a pee wee edit menu.
That's all. Thanks!

Clock8 yrs

I added your request for the auto refresh, it's a good idea.

For the edit, what do you mean by pee wee edit menu?

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs