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Protocol Handler RDM:// Feature: Template from URL

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Protocol Handler RDM:// Feature: Template from URL

There are a few nice features that I'll outline that would really enhance the RDM:// Protocol Handler

1. rdm://open?... links do not appear to support Templates

After looking in the documentation I found that following method is the correct way to launch a template, with a host, resulting in a "quick connect" to the server.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Devolutions\Remote Desktop Manager\RemoteDesktopManager.exe" /Datasource:a58732e0-173e-4974-b1c3-365a55d778ad /Template:cff1ecb1-5252-475c-9de0-b6ff414fcf19 /Host:PC02

Since it's not obvious, and it's not in the documentation, I'll explain it for others who are trying to get the command line to work:

/Datasource: - This is a common entry on every session, It relates to the data source (file, database, etc) where the Remote Desktop Manager configuration resides. I'm pretty sure you can omit this parameter, I omitted it and did not see any negative results.
/Template: - This is the "Session ID" of the Template
/Host: - I really don't need to explain this, but its the dns entry or ip address of the system you want to connect to.

Given what I have just described, it would seem logical that you could also pass the same parameters to the application like this:


But, that does not work, I suspect that it is just not written to work that way yet.. It would be great if this was supported.

2. I can only get templates to work from command line if they are "local", "shared" templates do not work, I found a note in one of the forums that suggested switching to a local template, and that fixed my issue... but in my opinion this should be allowed for shared templates as well.

3. It would be helpful to have functionality in the program to create the URL links for template use the same way you can generate url links for other sessions.
This would be useful so that someone does not need to find this post to know how to create the URL..

For example, a click-able button on the advanced tab of a template that would produce this:

rdm://open?DataSource=a58732e0-173e-4974-b1c3-365a55d778ad&Template=cff1ecb1-5252-475c-9de0-b6ff414fcf19&Host=<insert host name here>

4. It would be excellent to add other inputs that work via command line and url.. such as: Tab Title, and Port Number
I have software that will broker RDP connections through a central server. It opens a connection to on a random port number.. having several tabs with '' as the title would be very confusing and non descriptive.

Clock6 yrs

You seems to have many good suggestions. I will take a look at it and try to fix the problem with the template.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

Hi, So it looks like this is a new feature of 9.2.10. The port number feature is great! I'm not able to get the Title to working though. I'm not sure what's wrong:


The tab title still reads 'Quickconnect -'
The tab title does not say TITLEHERE

I imagine that the Quickconnect title is just taking things over? Sidenote: I wish there was a checkbox to disable the Quickconnect prefix alltogether.. I set mine to a ":" so it takes up very little space on the tab bar. I did try modifying the tab title of a session when I launched it too.. but, the title didn't change on that one either..

Basically the RDP/SSH/Whatever connections are brokered through another local client (think along the lines of SSH port forwarding where you connect to yourself on whichever port)

Clock5 yrs

I've found the issue and I've done a fix. This will be in the next beta release. However in the meantime you can use the TabTitle property instead of Title.

You can disable the quick connection title in File->Options | General -> Quick Connect

Just make sure to remove the prefix.

David Hervieux


Clock5 yrs