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Ad groups and roles as security on connections

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Question, can a group of users be prevented from accessing/using a connected based on group or role?
1) I have a group of users that I wish to prevent from accessing all connections except a select group of connection folders, can this be done by assigning users to a AD group or role, or group in RDMS?
2) I wish to force the ad group, role or rdms group above to use a specific saved password (password vault) whilst having all other users use a different password vault saved password.
is either of these functions possible in anyway.
internal staff have full access to all connections, but I wish to secure a group of contractors to a specific set of connection folder-groups and force the hidden saved passwords to be different one from the internal staff.

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yes, the contractors would have only the "view" permission in a security group dedicated to them, you would assign this group to a folder that contains only the sessions and credentials they require.

you can achieve this with the enterprise edition when using an advanced Data source. What RDMS offers is tying an AD Group to a RDM role, thereby allowing you to manage user permissions by simply assigning people in an AD group


Maurice Côté


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