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SAP Gui Add-on: language NL

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Hi Devolutions,

In the last months, we've implemented RDM in our organisation and besides some small issues, things are going well.
Most of those issues are with the SAP Gui Add-on which we use heavily as a SAP consultancy company.

The first seems easy to fix.
An SAP system has a default language. The SAP Gui Add-on provides a way to override this default, but only with English and German. We would like to have Dutch (NL) as an option.
It would even be better if you guys can make it possible to enter a custom language ourselves.


SAP Gui Add-on language NL.jpg
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I will ask André to update it. He will add NL and leave the field editable to add any other you said, it's very easy to add.


David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

Thanks a lot already.
Looking forward!

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The fix is available for download.

or with the Add-on Manager.

Best regards,
edited by asanscartier on 4/9/2014

André Sanscartier


Clock6 yrs

Hi André,

I've updated via Add-on Manager and I can now enter a custom language.
Works perfect, thanks !

Kind Regards,

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