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Tiny suggestion (ESC cancels search)

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Just a small thing:

When I type something in the search bar, I intuitively hit ESC to cancel the search and return to the unfiltered list. That minimizes RDM instead.
ESC works in many programs to clear a search when you are in the search field. For example: Windows start menu, Outlook, On-page search in Firefox, IE and probably every other browser out there smile

So it would be nice to have.

Another small thing I can think of:

When you drag&drop a session to a different folder, when you move the mouse over a folder it seems it opens it immediately, but does not update the display - so you never know where you drop it.
I suggest you make it like in Windows Explorer. Don't expand the folder when the mouse hovers over it, but only if it's held there for a second. So dragging something fast over the folders does not open every single one.

edited by alphanimal on 7/13/2011
<em>edited by alphanimal on 7/13/2011</em>

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Excellent suggestion. I have implemented it.

David Hervieux


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awesome! thanks!

We just got started importing customer servers and VPNs, and we are already using RDM very successfully. Also, it's a precious rarity to get support directly from the developers and get feature suggestions implemented in a day. I'm really glad I found you and your Remote Desktop Manager.

You can put that on your testimonials page if you have one smile it's true!


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