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allow uninstall/remove of Session Tools

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the session script tools manager is simpel and handy. if you have a MSSQL Datasource it makes the session tools even available to all users of this Datasource!
but i can't see a option to remove or uninstall these tools again for all users. removing the entry in the database seems to do the trick.
can you add an option to uninstall/remove session tools in the manager? or am i doing something wrong? am i blind? just tell me wink


Clock8 yrs

We decided to not do that in the manager, because it's dangerous. When it's imported, it still possible to edit it, so we might delete a completely different session tool. I think that you did it the right way.

Let me know if you think I misunderstood your request.

David Hervieux


Clock8 yrs

ok, that makes sense. after crossreading the documentation i didn't found a hint on how to remove a session tool script. that's maybe something worth to mention.

thanks for the clarification

Clock8 yrs