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PROBE for host availability before launching vpn

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Bonjour David! smile
Since I'am travelling a lot from office to our client, it would be a nice feature to enable a PROBE for connectivity before launching the VPN session.
I would see something like this:
Connect to VPN if following IP: x.x.x..x does not respond.
This way, my VPN client won't be launch when I'am at the client's site.

Also, VPN connection information could be made outside of the session parameter. A kind of "Connection Manager" were we define VPNs.
We then only have to assign the right VPN Connection to the session from the list of already configured one.
I have client where I manage more then a 100 sessions. This would allow me to define connection info (type, user, password, probe, etc..) only once and assign it to many.
Excellent software!!!
Martin Poirier

Clock11 yrs

Hi Martin
The VPN manager (repository) was already on my todo list for the version 6.0. I just want to add Sonic Wall before. For the other idea, it's really a good one for people like you, definitively added that to my list.

Thank you

David Hervieux
Devolutions inc.

David Hervieux


Clock11 yrs