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Edit Session on Dashboard and Next/Previous button

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Not really that big a deal, but I'd like to have a link on the Dashboard for Edit Session. It would save having to right-click on the connection in the tree and search down the context menu.
Also, it would be very handy (when having to edit many sessions) to have a Previous and Next button on the Edit Session dialog. That would make it easy to make changes and immediately go to the next connection entry, without having to go back to the tree, click on the next connection, right-click, select Edit Session (or Ctl-E). Again, not that big a deal, but it could make session editing go much faster. And I guess if you did that you'd also have to add an Apply button, so changes could be commited without having to hit OK (which would close the dialog).

Clock9 yrs

I added your requests to my todo list. Just a quick tip, if you double click the image in the dashboard, it's opening the edit dialog.

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs


And I appreciate the tip about clicking on the image, that's useful. Too bad it's not "discoverable", i.e. not hilighted or marked or change the cursor or anything - so no way to know about it. And not documented (as far as I recall), although I could have missed it.

Clock9 yrs