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TCP/IP Ports

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First of all: I LOVE RDM, use it daily, bought it and recommend it to anyone that asks me for a product like this. :-)
Second: I use many features and one of them is the Password Generator.

I'd love having also a TCP/IP Random Port Generator. I'll try to explain why and when it comes useful. Many times I must select a non-default port for several kind of services: HTTP, RDP, and so on. This is necessary for 2 reasons: security (using non-default ports is better) and concurrency (the default port might be already used). The issue is that some ports are already known/reserved so I must chose a non-reserved port (Wikipedia helps) but it should at least not be ALWAYS the same (8080 is a non-default port well known as much as 80). That's it.

Thank you!

Clock6 yrs

It's a good idea and it's not really hard to add. RDM could also verify in his list to check if the port is already used by another session.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs