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New Build: Remote Desktop Manager

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Hello forum!

We just released a new build: Remote Desktop Manager version

Direct Download:

Change history (version

  • Added in the PowerShell tools the "Load RDM CmdLet", resize window and debug setting
  • Added some missing enabled status for Hyper-V
  • Added support for for HostEurope with Amazon S3
  • Added the select credential button for the web data entry
  • Fixed a bug with the web browser extension and the private vault
  • Fixed a focus issue with the undocked automatic focus
  • Fixed a possible Amazon S3 data source issue
  • Fixed a possible offline file "database disk image is malformed" issue
  • Fixed an issue with the command line connector when an url is used
  • Fixed an issue with the text selection and the embedded IE


Maxime Trottier


Clock6 yrs

FYI, you can use Chocolatey to install it:

cinst rdm

Stefane Lavergne


Clock6 yrs