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Hi Stephane, David,
we´re just discussing the use of KeePass vs. RDM Credential Entries. Because the Access to KeePass Entries is not logged we prefer the use of credentials in RDM. Is it possible to implement an Autotype Passwort and Autotype User/Password in the Credential Entry Context Menu? RDP Session Passwords are already stored in RDM and if a session uses a credential entry this access is documented in the log. But how e.g. to lock on to Server Applications with Application or Service Accounts? While in a session we search the credential entry, show the passwort an typing it in the remote Application. A autotype feature would be great at this place, focussing Passwort Field inside the remote session, performing autotype with RDM credential - thats it.

Best regards and many thanks for your great job!

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We do have Two solutions

In the events tab of a session, you can use the typing macro that does what you describe.

You can also create a macro/script/tool of the macro type, this would need to be manually launched.

Maurice Côté


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