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Create Custom Navigation TABS

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I would like to have Multiple tabs under navigation so I can Divide my sessions up by navigation tabs.
All sessions and Private. I want to be able to add. Remote and Local as tabs. I have a ton of local devices and a ton of Remote devices. I am frequently scanning up and down the tree to switch servers. I end up with a bunch of folders expanded and I am always hunting to find the correct one.

Clock6 yrs

I understand the need but for now I don't have any solution. Just make sure to split your connections in groups and expand it when you need them. The other solution could be to have multiple data source and switch with the combobox.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

Ah, I understand it's not a flip of the switch type of thing, but it would be nice down the road if it could be integrated without reprogramming it from the ground up. Thanks for the quick response.

Clock6 yrs