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February Poll: Are you Android or iPhone?

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Hello forum!

This month's question comes directly from our development team: Are you Android or iPhone?

Why? Because we started working on the cross-platform implementation of Remote Desktop Manager for mobile devices. The core is pretty much done and the next step is to get our hands on the UI. Should we lean towards Android or iPhone (iOS) first?

Leave your answer below and have the chance to WIN one of four $25 Amazon gift certificates at the end of the month. We'll select four random winners among all the contributors.

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Maxime Trottier


Clock7 yrs

I'm gonna take this opportunity to point out to anyone else who is considering posting there "choice", to please don't start any stupid flame war over what you feel is the best brand...
So I'm gonna keep this short.
I would prefer Android, because this is what I use daily as my Work mobile and I have an Android as a personal device as well.

If it's relevant, my devices are:
Work: Samsung Galaxy SIII
Personal: LG(Google) Nexus 4


Clock7 yrs