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Hi all

RDM is a great tool for integrating various technologies, in fact at the date of this post we integrate around 160 technologies/tools!

We'll gladly look at any technology out there if there's a demand for it, we really want RDM to be your control centre that helps you for all of your tasks. Obviously there needs to be a way for us to invoke or control the tool: command line parameters, API, SDK, etc

If at all possible for you, please include in your request for a new addon the existence of that interface. Links to online documentation are always appreciated as well.

Just to emphasize, if the technology only offers documentation to paying customers, you will need to act as a middle man and provide us with everything.

When there are no uncertainties we may assign this much quicker to a dev, if not we need to perform some research and that needs to be done by a senior dev and they are kept quite busy.

Ask away!
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Maurice Côté


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