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Linux Client?

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what would the likelyhood be of there ever being client that either runs natively or using WINE under linux?


Clock9 yrs

Everything is written in .NET and we think that eventually we could use Mono .NET to port it. The problem is more with the technology we integrate. For example, the RDP client is not mstsc.exe on Linux, so we have to change many stuff also in the code.

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs

Hi David !
As you know I'm a firt time fun of RDM...
But NOW I miss an alternative on LINUX too.
Please start to move your cool SW even for LINUX.
You can stast managing just some kind of connection.. the basic I mean...

Of course If you need a beta tester I'm here ! :-)

THX for jour JOB!

Clock9 yrs