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Text Session to have "Wordpad" feel to it

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I was wondering if perhaps in a future version if there is a chance of having text sessions open to a notepad/wordpad view when you "Open" them, instead of opening them to a read-only view where you can't edit anything. Neither opening in external or embedded seem to allow you to edit them directly by using "open session". Also, the "Edit Session" (when it's a text) does not grow to the window when you adjust the size of text session window to be larger if you have several pages of notes within the text file.

Perhaps instead of having it open to the "view only" have it default to the "edit session" window with the general tab maximized and all other options hidden? Basically trying to make it as much like wordpad as possible....

If there's a way to already do this... please let me know! Thanks!!!

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I added a feature request and for sure, it make sense. Thank you

David Hervieux


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