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Citrix Access Gateway & VPN field point to session

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Is there any way Citrix Access Gateway (CAG) could be supported? It's a fairly simple VPN app... smile

edit: found the add-on manager... there should really be a link to that near the VPN selector drop-down. Was able to get the generic VPN launcher to do the trick (sort of)

edit2: I wish the VPN tab for RDP would allow me to point it to launch a VPN session which i've defined somewhere else. Instead, I now have to redefine the VPN session everywhere, which means copying/pasting the executable directory...
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Clock9 yrs

Can you send me the command line definition for the Citrix Access Gateway, we will be able to create a specific add-on for that.

For your other question, you can create a VPN session (same thing as creating an RDP session, except that you use VPN as your session type) from the session tree view. In your RDP session, in the VPN tab page, you can select the type "Existing session" and link it to the one you created before.

David Hervieux


Clock9 yrs

Sorry, the command line doesn't really work properly. It'd need something along the lines of a screen-scraper or autohotkey to actually work...

Clock9 yrs