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Play list: Search and Add / Session Overview

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Hi Folks

I really like the play list feature but I have two requests to make it even better.

1. Search and Add
As we have hundreds of sessions saved, it needs quite a lot of time to create a new play list as I have to browser for every single server. Ist there a possibility to add the search feature to the new play list dialogue? Another possibility would be to use the "normal" search in the navigation and use a new option called "add to play list".

2. Show overview
As I've already mentioned, we have lots of sessions saved. So if I want to check a playlist, if there are the right sessions in it, I have to browse through the navigation. Maybe you could add some information to the play list management that would show which sessions (the "name" would suffice) are actually saved in the list.

Let me know what you think about it.


Clock6 yrs

Hi Daniel,

#1 I think that the add to play list is a good idea and it's easier to add

#2 Have you tried the latest beta? It's now possible to re-organize the play list session order. You will also get the list of all the included sessions.

David Hervieux


Clock6 yrs

Hi David
1. As I can see, we can create a playlist from the search in the nav pane and add sessions from there as well. Perfect!
2. The overview in the "order" function is enough for me! Wonderfull, thx!

Clock6 yrs