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Shared server view?

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Not sure if it is possible without a client app running on the target server. When we try to have multiple session open to a single server, it steals the session from the original user even when the console/admin check box is selected. It may be a windows limitation, but we have used another product (netsupport) that will allow multiple people to view a single session simultaneously. This is especially helpful as we do alot of training with our staff.

Running version 6.0 currently.

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This is a limitation of Windows if you use the RDP protocol. You can use another type of connection, for example VNC, Team Viewer or LogMeIn. We already tried to integrate NetSupport but we haven't found a way. If you know how we can do it, we will gladly add this this protocol.

David Hervieux


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which windows OS are you using?

Windows Server OS lets you run concurrent sessions, but residential OS only allows a single active session per machine.

There is a hack out there that will allow you to run concurrent sessions in XP just as you can, for example, with Windows Server 2003.

If you are trying to SHARE a session, where more than one person can see the same session/screen and you can work together- then RDP is not the tool for the job

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