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Issues when renaming data source

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After creating a data source, I go back and edit it. I change the name and click "Save". I get a dialog box that says "To display the webpage again, the web browser needs to resend the information you've previously submitted. If you were making a purchase, you should click Cancel to avoid a duplicate transaction. Otherwise, click Retry to display the webpage again." (see attached). I click Retry, and it goes back to the page listing the various data sources. The one I tried to rename has the original name, but clicking the edit option brings up the dialog with the NEW name.

Untitled picture.png
Clock8 yrs

How were you able to fix this?

Clock7 yrs

What sort of Data Source are you actually using mate?


Clock7 yrs

The issue was resolved, but since it's been over a year and a half, I don't recall how. This is quite an old thread.

Clock7 yrs