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Branding Wayk Now

raphael01 View2097 Blog24

use devolutions (or Den) account for authentication

my1 View92 Blog5

Switch Remote Direction

IT_geoas View73 Blog2

copy/paste in wayk now embedded RDM session

Martin_ View84 Blog3

Wake On Lan feature like TeamViewer has and PXE boot functionality

john.kenny View51 Blog2

Cursor Control and Movement

it33 View51 Blog3

Remote Support for IOS/Android

andrew_herbert View346 Blog6

One ID per RDP session on Windows Server with Remote Desktop Roles

lpendic View170 Blog4

Password protect the settings

Martin_ View183 Blog3

Allow only IT staff to connect to clients

ckacoroski View314 Blog5

Copy and Paste Source ID

rnieznansky View286 Blog3

Someway to handle UAC better

jveenhuis View1436 Blog8

Suggestion for useful UAC- and remote setup handling

us01 View392 Blog2

Centralized configuration

AlexS. View593 Blog2

Pop-out Wayk Now chat window?

Martin_ View298 Blog2

RHEL/Fedora Support

chris19 View525 Blog7

More settings in global config

lucas View338 Blog4

Ability to configure download location

Martin_ View532 Blog3

Password masking

jsparks View380 Blog2

Multiple Monitors IOS

jsparks View404 Blog4

RDM 5.0 Missing Ctrl+Alt+Del from Wayk embedded

it11 View455 Blog3

Add options to MSI command line to facilitate remote installation or installation on server core

ppp3 View1104 Blog4

Run as a service, Remote Login View2726 Blog11

Possible builds for other Linux variants

bernhammond View912 Blog6

Multiple Display

raphael01 View713 Blog3

Two Factor on the roadmap

bdemsky View908 Blog4

Send actions to multiple sessions View455 Blog2

Different Password for one ID

guilherme View681 Blog3

Some technical and business thoughts regarding WaykNow, WaykDen and licensing

Brandur View913 Blog3

Pass parameters during .msi deploy

homelaber View854 Blog4