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Full screen by default

peelos View83 Blog2

WebDAV XML with Encryption Password

itechniker View126 Blog4

Dark Theme

Min Destens View563 Blog3

Support for SQL Azure data source

lowellp View849 Blog9

directly dial or email from contact listing

liorcomp View682 Blog3

Samsung deX

KajLehtinen View3773 Blog8

Read documents like pdf, docx and xlsx

ansgar01 View1023 Blog4

Search on folder names

poel View1087 Blog4

Notification when the Offline Cache will be deleted

Min Destens View764 Blog2

Possibility to hide expired entries / folders

Min Destens View902 Blog2

Open web pages in external browser

nbettembourg View1630 Blog4

XML Datasource on Google Drive

fenece View1037 Blog2

security patterns

mschouten View1681 Blog3

View Password - Password not in cleartext

Min Destens View2175 Blog12


m4dmike View1437 Blog2

Support for Amazon Fire Tablets

steven02 View1437 Blog2

Options for Resolution View2898 Blog7

MsSql advanced config. View1331 Blog2

1.08 Review/Summary/Faetures View1220 Blog2

Touchpad mode implementation View1947 Blog6

Access Subconnections for Host

cmay View1300 Blog2

MSSQL datasource and Windows Authentication

NEPTIS View1588 Blog5