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I’m unable to select the “columns” which include IP and all in MAC RDM

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High DPI is present in the Windows version. How about the Mac version?

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Unable to copy or view credentials for some session types

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RDP Client to be able to paste file

jneidig View3222 Blog16

SSH authentication agent for SSH Port Forward sessions

bmillernbs View184 Blog3

CyberArk LDAP support for MacOS

tyler View329 Blog5

Smart Card Authentication Support

ethan01 View376 Blog6

Dark Mode

gwelsted View929 Blog25

Tab (sessions) cycling via keyboard shortcuts (Remote Desktop Manager for Mac)

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Jumphosts for MAC client

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Send press key as unicode option ...

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Feature Request: Setting default keyboard Layout for RDP

TomTom1971CH View752 Blog3

Web login agent - list of folders when saving new credential

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I want the same basic security features for MacOS as they exist in the Windows version!

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Encrypted SQL Server connections

lunarg View384 Blog4

Add Password Safe Credential Support

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MacBook Pro Touchbar Integration

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VMware Remote Console : Mac

IvanMarshall View648 Blog5

Mac / Windows VPN Options

an0nz View4420 Blog11

Log SSH Sessions

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Use built-in SSH/Telnet client on a entry created for PuTTY

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Option to keep ribbon collapsed at launch

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Some remote session entries open in Microsoft Remote Desktop(MRD) 8 others in MRD 10

tramsay View753 Blog7

show environment variables appropriate for Mac client

jrhett View1403 Blog7

Allow editing of SSL Watchguard VPN Entries with MAC

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Use local agent for SSH jumphost too

jrhett View614 Blog2

Ability to view credentials of VPN connections created in RDM for Windows

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Using VMWare Fusion as replacement for vSphere Client and console integration in RDM

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