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Use local agent for SSH jumphost too

Jo Rhett View49 Blog2

show environment variables appropriate for Mac client

Jo Rhett View369 Blog5

Ability to view credentials of VPN connections created in RDM for Windows

Jelle Hillen View28 Blog2

Using VMWare Fusion as replacement for vSphere Client and console integration in RDM

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Sergii Volkov View432 Blog20

Jump Desktop Connections

rsreid View438 Blog3

New feature - 1Password online

Boris GUNTHER View520 Blog6

Saving preferences when closing window

Jesper Kehlet View188 Blog5

csv import for Mac

max mustermann View147 Blog2

Jumphost support for Mac

T G View129 Blog2

Chrome as "Embedded Display"

Dominik Halbe View117 Blog2

copy group function

neil vadekar View425 Blog4

Ajout de clients VPN pour la version MAC

Andre Reny View273 Blog2

RDP Client to be able to paste file

John Neidig View1259 Blog7

New Feature - VPN Global Protect

Boris GUNTHER View528 Blog2

Collapse the Edit submenu

Jo Rhett View396 Blog3

what's the difference between SSH Tunnel and SSH Tunnel (native)

Jo Rhett View512 Blog6

documentation for meta characters passthrough

Jo Rhett View570 Blog4

Remote Desktop Manager for Mac - Add Ons and other features

D Red View560 Blog2

Amazon Aws Console for Mac

Shai Gilboa View497 Blog2

Option to keep ribbon collapsed at launch

jakertberry View1033 Blog6

Auto-hide navigation pane

Troels Bjørnholt-Schou View754 Blog7


Justin Brant View1320 Blog11

Support Custom Tab Title like Windows Version

Thomas Kritzinger View619 Blog4

Font setup on Mac

Artem Zh View1272 Blog6

Mac / Windows VPN Options

Todd Bryant View2020 Blog10

Broadcast input to several terminals

Sergii Volkov View1396 Blog7

Mac Redirected Folder permissions

Brian Rose View802 Blog2

Open with credentials

JB81 View861 Blog2

Smart Folders

Michal Zahor View953 Blog2