Remote Desktop Manager - PowerShell Repository

This group contains multiple PowerShell script to import edit or interact with the Remote Desktop Manager data

Looking for PS example of executing without any RDM UI?

sschifter View1261 Blog3

Using a password without having to enable 'View Password'

cathans01 View1477 Blog3

launch powershell

vpierron View1956 Blog6

Weekly Scripted Export/Backup

Martin04 View1243 Blog2

New-RDMSession : Cannot bind positional parameters because no names were given. View2859 Blog6

Changes to attribute names

Flinty View1482 Blog4

Add session with powershell, update if exsist.

ThomasHansen View1675 Blog5

Get license expiration date

sekr View1792 Blog2

Set-RDMSession.method not working but Set-RDMSessionProperty does

Flinty View1492 Blog4

Edit Description of a Server with Powershell

dario01 View1781 Blog9

Powershell Web Access (PSWA)

sbeeharry View1549 Blog5

Import TeamViewer CSV

Stefane Lavergne View5089 Blog6

Adding SubConnections at Import

marg View2088 Blog12

Update Session Credential to use a specific Private Connection entry? View1574 Blog5

Update from Scheduled Task

kjetil View1677 Blog5

how to update currently selected session

debell6701 View1614 Blog4

Working with RDM data from powershell from a server without RDM installed possible?

rsdewit View1292 Blog2

Running Powershell Script on a remote host through RDM

sbeeharry View2479 Blog2

Any guidance for creating AWS EC2 powershell query for sessions?

sheldonhull View1267 Blog3

Creating new RDMSession and then setting seesion details?

sschifter View1722 Blog3

How can I load the RDM snappin in external powershell session?

sschifter View1724 Blog5

List of opened sessions

sbeeharry View1545 Blog3

Open sub connections automatically View1501 Blog6

Move all RDP connections from one folder to another View1489 Blog3

function to add "Start the following program on connection" (all fields) View1508 Blog3

Reverse egineer the API View1777 Blog3

Get all IPs from an Azure account

Erica Poirier View1488 Blog1

PS function to change --> open External View1372 Blog3

Powershell commands

ThomasHansen View1883 Blog3

Setting default credentials in powershell

ThomasHansen View2782 Blog3