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This group contains multiple PowerShell script to import edit or interact with the Remote Desktop Manager data

Get-RDMSession unlucky behavior if no session matches

Xanacas View1101 Blog2

Is there a way with PowerShell to log off all users that are logged with Devolution

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Change credential type with PS

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Feature Request: PowershellGallery

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Export Session Properties

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Creating New Sessions from VMware vRO Workflow

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Get-RDMSession is not returning my sessions consistently on Windows 2016 server

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Search for Groups and change Security on results

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Does RDM support Implicit Remoting?

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How to set properties in CustomSecurity user

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Powershell: load the configuration file from a custom destination?

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Powershell get-rdmsession cannot find newly created session

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How to add subconnections to a session

Miesepies View1622 Blog7

To support RDM Powershell script running as a service, Open-RDMSession should provide return values

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PowerShell cmdlet to edit Group permissions

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Powershell script to run Sync Sessions on Scheduled Task

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What dll files to import to run commands from external file?

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Can't export users security groups and roles

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Powershell & -kind "Customer" icon

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How to change the datasource password via PowerShell?

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How to assign Custom icons to entries using PowerShell

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Change Session names with powershell

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Cmdlets in remote-session does not return data

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Using RDM session credentials for external scripts

tosa View1994 Blog6

Mass import of AD Accounts into a SQL data source

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export csv with personal column

vpierron View1403 Blog3

export csv

vpierron View1891 Blog3

Powershell dll

vpierron View1528 Blog3

Looking for PS example of executing without any RDM UI?

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Using a password without having to enable 'View Password'

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