Remote Desktop Manager - PowerShell Repository

This group contains multiple PowerShell script to import edit or interact with the Remote Desktop Manager data

Renaming a role and update permissions

Erica Poirier View966 Blog3

PowerShell script to remove Security Groups and set View Permission on folders

Erica Poirier View802 Blog1

Remote Desktop Manager PowerShell functions

Erica Poirier View4089 Blog17

Convert virtual folders to physical folders

Erica Poirier View2573 Blog1

Data migration using Powershell

Maurice Cote View1344 Blog1

Programmatically assigning various credentials to entries

Maurice Cote View4688 Blog10 Closed

Basic properties of sessions

Maurice Cote View2912 Blog5 Closed

How to programatically change group fiolder properties and session properties

wwestfield View3312 Blog6 Closed

Mass Import from CSV File

ceo_rdm View8024 Blog9 Closed

Custom export to CSV

Maurice Cote View5332 Blog2 Closed

Powershell script to create user from AD

jasonbowne View3354 Blog8

Auto-update VMRC entries with vm-ids

!BRNDMG View89 Blog4

Login in to RDM with powershell

marco05 View111 Blog4

Import Markdown Documetation

gerd View153 Blog6

Edit datasource username with Powershell

RokB View89 Blog2


andy05 View132 Blog4

How to login into Datasource

gerd View281 Blog6

Error on Import Powershell Module on Azure

gerd View127 Blog4

Copy from one Vault to another

acetico View151 Blog4

Powershell Script to extract Metadata from sessions

jason13 View120 Blog3

Export all Repositories to .rdm

licenses View215 Blog6

Copy RDM Session to another datasource

michel01 View601 Blog20

Setting the embedded script in a PowerShell Session

Alexandre Bélisle View325 Blog3

Fresh install of most recent RDM doesnt have .psd1

vitalii View202 Blog4

Lising Session on a group

abonnefoy View154 Blog2

Set-RDMCurrentRepository generates error

meelisn View232 Blog7

Repository rename

Ghalan_Support View212 Blog4

Powershell - Create new Entry

magnus04 View1360 Blog11

Better List view popup

rolflobker View261 Blog7

Warning on script with GUI first launch and slow performance

Charg View597 Blog8