Remote Desktop Manager - PowerShell Repository

This group contains multiple PowerShell script to import edit or interact with the Remote Desktop Manager data

Renaming a role and update permissions

Erica Poirier View279 Blog1

PowerShell script to remove Security Groups and set View Permission on folders

Erica Poirier View289 Blog1

Remote Desktop Manager PowerShell functions

Erica Poirier View2445 Blog17

Convert virtual folders to physical folders

Erica Poirier View688 Blog1

Data migration using Powershell

Maurice Cote View721 Blog1

Programmatically assigning various credentials to entries

Maurice Cote View3225 Blog10 Closed

Basic properties of sessions

Maurice Cote View2197 Blog5 Closed

How to programatically change group fiolder properties and session properties

wwestfield View2455 Blog6 Closed

Mass Import from CSV File

Des Bylund View6557 Blog9 Closed

Custom export to CSV

Maurice Cote View4148 Blog2 Closed

Powershell - Create new Entry

Magnus Karlsson View431 Blog4

Powershell Session Import

marg View296 Blog7

Set-RDMSession : Connection has invalid group specified (

Patrick Schaefer View168 Blog4

Powershell remote execution credential

Francis Gregoire View118 Blog5

Set-RDMSession throw 'Connection has invalid group specified' (

Anders Andersson View635 Blog11

New-RDMSession from Template with moving in a specific Group

Gabriele Tricasi View288 Blog6

execute remote powershell script via RDM agent

pat pat View297 Blog2

Powershell - set SSH Privatekey Repository Value

Dave Fox View223 Blog2

Change Users' Offline Mode

Alexandre Bélisle View216 Blog1

Bug in PowerSehll Set-RDMCurrentDataSource

franzr77 View790 Blog4

Automatic login check

Madeira Data Solutions View399 Blog2


Dave Fox View495 Blog6

Power Shell Set Property

Dave Fox View349 Blog4

Powershell for an Addon

Dave Fox View573 Blog10

PowerShell scripting - how to connect to datasource

Dariusz Kukuczka View643 Blog2

update INFORMATION with PS

vincent pierron View723 Blog8

Export-RDMSESSION append

vincent pierron View462 Blog4

Import/Synchronize contact list by script

Marco Musolesi View499 Blog2

Use Powershell To Set Custom Roles on View and Edit

Colin Huckstep View788 Blog2

Tab Completion for PowerShell Remote

Alan Roberts View808 Blog3