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Azure App Services

gokaycagri View820 Blog6

Default Templates - Distributed by DVLS webAPI

Michael Leeming View1883 Blog25

Clipboard buffer timeout

Florian Andre View107 Blog2

Since update to no eforcement of password policy possible

Nico Lammert View265 Blog7

SAML Authentication

Brett Hobbs View115 Blog2

Authentification Devolution server console

reniera View285 Blog3

OpenPGP Support

Nillth View672 Blog4

Copy Script to clip board.

V. Britton View543 Blog2

Create, view edit sessions and credentials online

tyol View5044 Blog32

Notification mail specific sessions and password viewed

Magnus Felix View860 Blog3

RDMS 4.5 Web Interface - Option to disable "Merge credentials list with sessions"

TVI Tecnica View898 Blog3

DVLS as serial repository

Kaj Lehtinen View962 Blog2

Two factor authentication: continued

Thomas Hofkens View1326 Blog2

DS settings - Private Vault on custom/local drive

Michael Leeming View985 Blog2

Make favorites manageable lists like playlists

Joel Witherspoon View1587 Blog8

AD-Sync enhancements

Marko M View1104 Blog2

AD-Account + E-Mail

Rene K. View1317 Blog2

Manage Devolutions Server from Client PC

Georg Eichhorn View1225 Blog3

2 Factor Authentication

Thomas Hofkens View4135 Blog11

configurable 2-factor authorisation while opening a session

Miramar View1625 Blog6

AD Integrated - Default to Domain in object selector

mrjester View1594 Blog6

Hypervisor Addon Feature Request

Thomas Higgins View1646 Blog6

Another idea

Thomas Higgins View1296 Blog2

Silent RDM client when datasource is Devolutions server

andylapos View1341 Blog3

Devolutions Server breadcrumb navigator?

andylapos View1236 Blog2

SQL Server 2014 support

Andreas Erson - Aptic AB View3657 Blog12

Company Notification scrolling ticker bar in RDM to make special announcements

Joel Witherspoon View1327 Blog2

User and Security Management | User is admin box

vinc8690 View1879 Blog3

Oracle SQLPlus intergration

NT007 View1701 Blog1

Deeper Rights Management in RDMS

Steffen Hornung View2785 Blog6