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irishjd View2808 Blog2

change systray icon if connection/session open or

gpunktschmitz View2662 Blog4

icon next to tab

gpunktschmitz View2632 Blog4

restarting machine - check availability on click

gpunktschmitz View2382 Blog2

Search suggestions in search pane

artisticcheese View2683 Blog3

Saving passwords for web based VPNs

drcross View2687 Blog5

starting session should focus the session in tree

gpunktschmitz View2569 Blog3

Screenshot capability

ivorycruncher View3222 Blog8

group folder export / import

destro613 View3632 Blog8

Hosts hardware/software inventory

noiime1 View2569 Blog3

auto backups

destro613 View2638 Blog2

hotkeys for connection type

gpunktschmitz View3417 Blog2

Two requests...

gbbiv View3817 Blog4

oracle db support

mfo View2517 Blog2

Display the description from all sessions

LostBoys View2388 Blog2

Connection list

ivorycruncher View2629 Blog2

Custom Shortcuts

ItsJustMeFL View2823 Blog3

Tectia SSH Client support

chrisveegg View2938 Blog3

Per-user instead of global config

jskuby View2554 Blog3

manually mount a local drive on the client

dmrolo View4143 Blog3

SQL Server offline mode

jskuby View3175 Blog3

PROBE for host availability before launching vpn

Lynxid View2575 Blog2

possibility to open all sessions in a group/ subgr

flinden View2648 Blog3

Sychronised List

miketree View2473 Blog2

open shared folder

flinden View3465 Blog2

option to dock the RDM form as an panel on a site

flinden View2580 Blog2

Custom option for Tools

LarryA View2482 Blog2

context menu option to logged out and close

flinden View2316 Blog2

possibilty to reconnect to an open session

flinden View3262 Blog2