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Multple Monitor VNC Embedded

sander View2485 Blog2

RDP Network Level Authentication (NLA)

riaad View5474 Blog3

Smart Sizing Option

irishjd View2842 Blog2

Batch edit of Edit Session (User Specific) setting

rjordan View2431 Blog2

Modify description

gaufra View2678 Blog3

Ammyy Admin Session Support

absinternet View3980 Blog2

Batch add devices to Security Groups

rjordan View5007 Blog2

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

gpunktschmitz View3167 Blog2

Connect to Console (Ask for credentials)

jarle View2526 Blog2

View - Layout Options

irishjd View2727 Blog2

change systray icon if connection/session open or

gpunktschmitz View2596 Blog4

icon next to tab

gpunktschmitz View2559 Blog4

restarting machine - check availability on click

gpunktschmitz View2325 Blog2

Search suggestions in search pane

artisticcheese View2608 Blog3

Saving passwords for web based VPNs

drcross View2622 Blog5

starting session should focus the session in tree

gpunktschmitz View2488 Blog3

Screenshot capability

ivorycruncher View3154 Blog8

group folder export / import

destro613 View3544 Blog8

Hosts hardware/software inventory

noiime1 View2501 Blog3

auto backups

destro613 View2569 Blog2

hotkeys for connection type

gpunktschmitz View3271 Blog2

Two requests...

gbbiv View3689 Blog4

oracle db support

mfo View2436 Blog2

Display the description from all sessions

LostBoys View2312 Blog2

Connection list

ivorycruncher View2567 Blog2

Custom Shortcuts

ItsJustMeFL View2731 Blog3

Tectia SSH Client support

chrisveegg View2845 Blog3

Per-user instead of global config

jskuby View2485 Blog3

manually mount a local drive on the client

dmrolo View4024 Blog3

SQL Server offline mode

jskuby View3088 Blog3