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Feature Enhancement requests: Data Report

Peter Cermak (POI) View873 Blog6

Better support for tab titles

thorsten View1487 Blog14

Ability to creatic a Visio Type Diagram of the network topology

impulsenine View938 Blog4

Proper powershell path and module

rolflobker View962 Blog2

Powershell Script on Disconnect

SimAda00 View906 Blog7

URL handler that lists all sessions for given IP

KajLehtinen View717 Blog3

Support for Clavister SSLVPN

lunarg View1606 Blog5

Favorites available in dashboard

kristofferb View679 Blog2

Ability to Send Notifications during Session Connect/Disconnect View671 Blog2

Expect style macros

glenc View707 Blog2

Mac Version : Resize ability on Left sidebar

IvanMarshall View655 Blog5

Systeminfo.exe output to host Information/Notes tab.

dbannerman View1425 Blog6

Support High DPI Screens

thommck View2032 Blog6

License Management / User using Clients

mad View1048 Blog12

Create Cluster tree RDP

reniera View671 Blog4

Active Session Notification

will.mcenaney View2069 Blog5

Extension: Opera Browser

Logharn View4102 Blog2

Option to copy/move sessions, and make it a Sub Connection under a current session(Vice Versa)

Brandur View891 Blog3

Feature Request: Install For All Users / Me Only

wboyles View592 Blog2

Reports enhancement requests

jasonbowne View647 Blog5


SMG View640 Blog2

Sync between two computers

jmerfeld View665 Blog2

Feature Requests out of user feedback

andybandy View706 Blog2

Dynamic folders

KajLehtinen View1062 Blog4

Cache User Specific Settings in offline mode

molensky View1399 Blog4

AWS Console Column Request

ben732 View511 Blog3

Is online depending on monitoring system

totte View1223 Blog8

Private Vault Credential for Tools

reniera View1179 Blog7

telnet without username

perler View769 Blog3

Unlock RDP connections

DavidSzp View7156 Blog13