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Shortcut original credentials / global playlist

Daniel Messer View965 Blog2

Installer/Upgrade could do a much better job

Taomyn View786 Blog7

Multiple Security Groups per Object

Daniel Messer View1131 Blog5

Play list: Search and Add / Session Overview

Daniel Messer View904 Blog3

RDM without the ability to remotely connect

Douglas Bell View795 Blog2

(Request) PasswordManagerPro Integration

Christian Hopf View1013 Blog6

Confirmation Dialogs

jimbo1199 View725 Blog2

"Import options" feature

58sniper View851 Blog2

Add column client version and add more url

reniera View1064 Blog4

[Resolved]GetFocus RDM with filter filled w. param

Xavier Thomas View1443 Blog17

Restrict type of new entries

rema View1242 Blog2

Search Request

Felix Vigo View1059 Blog4

credential list dialog search

ian_unidap View784 Blog2

blacklist option in password analyzer

ian_unidap View836 Blog5

Simple means of tracking session time(s)

niagarasystems View748 Blog2

Chained connections

acirovic View2052 Blog4

"Full Screen with Auto-Hide Tabs" Option

bzowk View988 Blog2

Counting work hours spent on Remote Desktop

labsy View904 Blog2

Feature Request - Advanced ACLs

Stril View782 Blog2

Usercredentials Form in foreground ?

dimmenhau View936 Blog6

SAP Gui Add-on: language NL

Dion Aelen View987 Blog5

width Tab color

reniera View933 Blog7

Admin share - C$

Felix Vigo View1569 Blog8

Color of selected Session in sessions-tree

FriFra View846 Blog2

Recycle bin?

enoch View932 Blog2

Move Tools to a separate tab on the left

markdomansky View1037 Blog6

TCP/IP Ports

strivoli View1048 Blog2

Powershell tab

Bjørn Olav Vangen Aure View1722 Blog7

Custom Keyboard-Shortcuts

Markus View769 Blog3

Ability to deploy VNC

andrew.demerchant View971 Blog5