Remote Desktop Manager - Feature Request

Feature request forum for Remote Desktop Manager Windows - Attachment Updates

Felix Vigo View834 Blog3

Windows RT Support

Gerhard Schweinschwaller View1379 Blog5

credentials repository - where used

Snir Hoffman View1491 Blog4

Playlist - Embedded

auskento View1025 Blog5

Associating a credential with other type of entrys

zjayz View704 Blog4

Check Point VPN-1 SecureClient

MOBO View5215 Blog16

System availability status

shawnbass View1239 Blog7

Dynamic Views / Boolean Searching

Andrew View850 Blog7

After Login Command sudo from Credential

Peter Cermak View1537 Blog5

Creating a 64 bit RDM shortcut on the desktop

STGdb View880 Blog2

MS AD import / sync by organisation unit

DavidG View827 Blog3

Regedit /m

Daniel Messer View1210 Blog5

Credential Search Filtering

Guy Lawless View879 Blog4

PlugIn- autoupdate or update-notification

Martin Brandt View827 Blog3

Support for Cybark password vault

DavidG View799 Blog3

Feature : Browser set via User Specific Settings

Des Bylund View836 Blog2

New-RDM-Session for type "Contact"

Des Bylund View846 Blog4

Custom Title on window

Andreas Cederlund View946 Blog5

New v9 Enhancement Request - Contact Entry Types

Des Bylund View1112 Blog8

File menu from systray icon

Rico Grencau View707 Blog3

Custom Installer: Preselect rest of options

Alexander Gran View773 Blog4

Macro/Script to bulk send a command to a folder

Jim Jones View1023 Blog5

Templates with Credentials

twistfox View965 Blog2

Add a link on the dashboard

jasonallenthomas View1546 Blog7

Remote Management "smart guess"

Andreas Cederlund View915 Blog2

VPN using Certificates

Mark Towers View822 Blog2

Shortcut view

zjayz View709 Blog2

[SOLVED] Classic UI - "All Entries" button too large

Otiel View987 Blog5

Inventory Report

jlathrop View864 Blog2

IP Range

Thomas Baetens View1114 Blog5