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enhanced search - multiple keywords

gpunktschmitz View719 Blog5

Citrix Sharefile Integration

SMG View903 Blog4

Possible if a session is in use

jadevries83 View565 Blog2

Vmware vCenter syncronizer

KajLehtinen View934 Blog5

Disable items in context menu View731 Blog7

Favorites - TreeView View770 Blog6

expand all active leafs

gpunktschmitz View671 Blog4

tab groups - switching to another session by clicking on the opened session in the tree view

gpunktschmitz View859 Blog2

Ability to set Password Generation profiles via Data Source

helpdesk View551 Blog1

add symbols on icons in tree-view

gpunktschmitz View1167 Blog8

2 Factor Granularity

cathans01 View953 Blog4

Android and iOS with Azure? View1250 Blog8

Information Fields expandable

Min Destens View766 Blog4

New Data Source Types

bkramer View879 Blog4

Yearly reminder

SZL View808 Blog3

Edit vs. Properties menu

Dion View608 Blog3

KeePass Name Filtering to look for the exact same value

gpunktschmitz View722 Blog7

filtering: show only subconnections of group X

gpunktschmitz View658 Blog5

dashboard focus

gpunktschmitz View692 Blog3

dashboard sticky

gpunktschmitz View694 Blog4

Mouse Scroll on tabs make them scroll

gpunktschmitz View686 Blog4

Google Authenticator at the Account Level View965 Blog4

Keyboard/terminal-tab for Serial Port

WtrN06 View1210 Blog9

Auto scale RDP connections

raftbone View1178 Blog2

Connection in USE

sbeeharry View675 Blog2

RDM client - edit datasource settings - GPO managed View1294 Blog5

Allow using user's email as variable

kristofferb View773 Blog4

Export Passwords Clear Text

Pacman View2666 Blog8

Export privilege also blocks Save As button

wberman View661 Blog2

Show server name in credential selection window

marco01 View668 Blog3