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Macros/Scripts/Tools & RDM-Jump

Markus View201 Blog3

Require a specific amount of letters in opening prompt

Christiane Schleyer View192 Blog2

Installing RDM without knowing the Enterprise Serial

Michael Leeming View206 Blog5

Select open tab using connection list in navigation panel

Chad View1477 Blog21

Refactoring Session from existing credential entry

Min Destens View144 Blog3

Custom .xlsx Export

Matt Clark View326 Blog9

SSH - Search for keyword inside session

Otiel View148 Blog2

dial from contact with Jabber

Markus Mix View164 Blog4

Ability to Link to Different Repositories

Christopher Athans View516 Blog4

Temporary logging for native ssh sessions

Jeff Phipps View205 Blog4

Set SSH Fingerprints manually

Sebastian View124 Blog2

Password Manager Pro Domain User

Marco Nitzsche View300 Blog4

Web login automatic 'Recheck page'

Roel VB View240 Blog4

Ability to view in real-time changes made in Options.

Breakingcustom View163 Blog2

IBM i on Power Access Client

Jeff Green View1545 Blog23

icons next to client folder

Michael Dosser View135 Blog3

Markdown Documentation - site sorting

Min Destens View374 Blog4

Documentation Editor

Michael Dosser View155 Blog3

User Specific settings: Add equivalent of "User Interface > Color"

Steve Redden View146 Blog2

Configure the port and application code for RDM and PVM and also the extensions automatically

Marvin Klar View822 Blog13

RDP Windows key combination, default option

Theo van der Schelling View176 Blog6

PostgreSQL as datasource

Martin Brandt View989 Blog5

Filter on Enter Only

Ryan Reichart View316 Blog3

Shortcut Option for Custom-Installer

Nico Lammert View222 Blog3

Force loading of default.cfg

Ryan Reichart View510 Blog4

feature request : in contact listings

lior me View200 Blog4

Possibility to use credentials from private vault for session-tools

Nico Lammert View486 Blog11

Ping with sound (beep)

Tom Meister View191 Blog2

Advanced Datasource - Root Filter

Min Destens View274 Blog8

Selection behavior after a search

Marco Nitzsche View186 Blog3