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Anne Prins View76 Blog2

Secret Server 2FA integration

Jan Dijk View82 Blog2

FTP, SFTP, SCP - Add More Information To Interface

Fu Keong Nyan View118 Blog4

Jumphost - open folder

Sander Verhoeven View165 Blog5

RDP resolution scaling

Daniel Himler View203 Blog6

Secret Server Integration - Select which password on the secret

Craig Roser View333 Blog9

Docker to isolate VPN clients

Sander Verhoeven View78 Blog2

Multiple Citrix Netscaler connections?

Ricky . View312 Blog11

1 user 2 Devices

Michele Schillani View78 Blog3

Require a specific amount of letters in opening prompt

Christiane Schleyer View429 Blog5

Open sftp session on active ssh terminal

Martin Schilder View883 Blog7

Horizontal scroll in terminal session

tom_minerd View358 Blog7

(AD) Synchronizer Improvements

Min Destens View274 Blog7

Move Tab to new Window

Andreas Seeger View144 Blog8

Show System Status in Device Dashboard from external Monitoring system like PRTG

Constantin Lotz View122 Blog2

Navigation: Sort Alphabetically regardless of type of entry

Sebastian Schmitt View97 Blog2

Set SSH Fingerprints manually

Sebastian View514 Blog8

Passwordstate API Integration

Tom Likely View200 Blog9

How do I set the key and port for the web login plugins?

Marvin Klar View143 Blog5

Suppress web checks in airgapped environments?

Hannah Walters View71 Blog4

Information / Load from Inventory

Stephane Binette View183 Blog7

make the footer options available using the 'menu' interface

H K View144 Blog4

Datasource location - OneDrive, Google Drive

Preston Gallwas View985 Blog4
Guest Clock

Mirror Folders (shortcut folders)

Arc Angel View121 Blog4

Please add support for Opera in RDM

David Figueroa View351 Blog4

Add support for AD/LDAP Groups for Authentication/import

Patrick Forristal View97 Blog2

Make Skype for Business calls from the Contact menu

advjohn View2490 Blog29

Credentials linked across repositories

Brett Hobbs View112 Blog2

Built-in SCP

Brandur Kragesteen Holm Petersen View445 Blog10

Colour of the tabs

Martin Kleucker View106 Blog5