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On Fresh Open: Top Favorite should open, not whole Favorites folder full of sessions

casey View86 Blog2

Lopad from Inventory shortcut

Martin_ View101 Blog3

Extra columns for the tab entries on dashboard and in advanced search

lm05 View81 Blog4

Email info in export users

reniera View84 Blog4

RDM Auto Archive

reniera View297 Blog12

Add Okta and to 2-Factor Authentication

dtuliao View1376 Blog12

Ability to force to "Retrieve New Registrations Only" automatically ?

annie View117 Blog6

Start RDP Sessions from Favorites Navigation

Simon Keller View456 Blog15

Dashlane Password Integration

Bret View2498 Blog16

Navigation Groups should be collapsable

ronald04 View118 Blog10

Authorization to copy/move objects

daniel22 View63 Blog3

Web site session, download file should have a "Default download location" setting

Anders Lund View66 Blog3

Adding white color option for images

Martin_ View233 Blog9

OpenVPN with Viscosity

j03 View1153 Blog13

add special key below commandline window in execute script in terminal

maciej View145 Blog4

Duplicate navigation tab

Martin_ View73 Blog2

Show alternate host on the overview tab

lm05 View330 Blog11

extend security options in GPO

nico02 View322 Blog3

Ability to search navigation list for mac

Martin_ View216 Blog12

Edge Insider browser entry?

john.kenny View84 Blog3

One Identity Safeguard Integration

simon16 View97 Blog4

Allow entry variables in More > Description to resolve in the tooltip

bmp410 View145 Blog3

Solar Winds Integration

gcesario View1554 Blog10

SQL Management Studio Add-On should have an option for taking connection string

Anders Lund View109 Blog2

Sort other columns than Name when importing items

a03 View132 Blog3

Please add the ability to define a specifict playlist default for a folder.

kkomara View104 Blog2

Multiple input, especially for SSH

pgienger View377 Blog3

Ability to 'Copy Password' from several "keynote" sessions via hotkey

sredden View131 Blog4

Allow linking to TeamPass password repository View3742 Blog29

Dual Monitors

bsaadai View148 Blog3