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Documentation: URL instead of editor

Sander Verhoeven View165 Blog3

Print All Documentation Tabs under one Folder, Customer and Company

Lars Dorner View130 Blog3

Azure SQL Database using Azure AD identities

gokaycagri View2813 Blog29

Feature Request - Add support for "Active Directory Universal autentication" = Azure MFA

magnus t View971 Blog10

Confirm on multiple sessions open option not available in Mac Version?

Raphael Ferreira View111 Blog6

Allow multiple LastPass 2FA options enabled at once.

Anthony Reinking View102 Blog2

Playlist Management Order enhancement

Ricky . View92 Blog2

Session: Putty -> User Specific Setting: Change client

Steve Redden View166 Blog5

Chocolatey Console - Manage packages

frankmcc View123 Blog2

[SOLVED] Change treeview font size

Otiel View1034 Blog15

SSH - Do not lose context when connection is lost

Otiel View442 Blog6

[SOLVED] SSH - Add global option for "Do not display error messages"

Otiel View752 Blog7

Batch Edit -> Convert from Web (Data Entry) to Web Browser session

Min Destens View140 Blog6

Add "" as a Cloud Explorer entry in RDM

NOTWJ1836 View210 Blog4

Tree View column width

Min Destens View145 Blog3

Teamviewer - Passwordstate credentials

yves Bender View153 Blog4

Search inside documents

Vassilis Papastergiou View127 Blog4

Certificate expiration alerts

IT Security View360 Blog6

Custom VPN "Wait for exit" option

Mark Flintham View404 Blog8

visual effect or flash on Tab when session changes

Enrico Bondi View106 Blog2

Improvement for RDM Jump

Andreas Cederlund View235 Blog7

Using wildcards in Search Box

klages View1513 Blog8

Allow sorting entries per folder by type

Jeffrey Veenhuis View102 Blog4

Custom Password Lists

Jeffrey Veenhuis View114 Blog4

Anyconnect Plugin - Host Optimization

Markus View165 Blog4

Addon - HPE/Micro Focus Data Protector

Joel Witherspoon View153 Blog4

Portablew / Stand-alone version of RDM

James Duncan View141 Blog2

When tearing off a tab into a new window,name the new window as the tab,not "Remote Desktop Manager"

Cauis Jard View106 Blog2

Macros/Scripts/Tools & RDM-Jump

Markus View199 Blog3

Require a specific amount of letters in opening prompt

Christiane Schleyer View191 Blog2