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ability to make syntax highlighting enabled/disabled

hazen View49 Blog3

SFTP: Sudo on login for WinSCP: add server command / protocol option, like for built-in SFTP

reto01 View159 Blog6

virtual desktop mirrored to virtual monitor

bsmokeman View95 Blog3

monitor pre-defined profiles, or templates/split sets

bsmokeman View87 Blog3

Adding white color option for images

Martin_ View289 Blog12

Windows Hello

Martin_ View61 Blog3

customize the dashboard

stefan13 View67 Blog2

Add parent entry name in repository credential screen

lm05 View117 Blog3

speed up chrome webpage initial connection

hazen View97 Blog8

make session properties mandatory

hazen View88 Blog5

Integration with Centrify vault

serhat View80 Blog2

Tabbed header in window title/Quick access without ribbon

fedor View64 Blog2

Private key credentials: Button to generate key

reto01 View70 Blog2

Private Key Credentials export in various formats

reto01 View78 Blog4

Add Make & Model to Hardware Information

JonnyRockets View451 Blog14

(Forced) CheckIn Prompt

administration View105 Blog4

full URL support for Website / Web Browser session types

mgraziani View195 Blog7

Ability to set default vault permissions

noc03 View101 Blog2

make private vault credential selection consistent

hazen View81 Blog2

Vault specifier for Playlist entry

bild675 View87 Blog3

teamviewer device state

Darko View58 Blog2

Linux Port of Remote Desktop Manager

tymbrwlf View15184 Blog32

support for QuickSession in windows

dt01 View96 Blog4

Ability to add VPN routes in a single command prompt window?

noc03 View113 Blog5

SSH Session Page Up/Down keys don't function correctly

stoopendis View83 Blog4

Credential Focus

gpearl View77 Blog2

Built-in SCP

Brandur View1167 Blog11

User specific settings - Navigation pane - "icon/color" display of connection?!

dcapilla View93 Blog5

TAB strip overflow, move the left arrow to the left of the line.

dirk03 View54 Blog2

Quick Connect - login automatically upon template selection

chaoscreater View1110 Blog28