Remote Desktop Manager - Feature Request

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ability to add virtualization types

H K View102 Blog4

convert entries using templates WITHOUT being admin

H K View80 Blog3

Force RDM to launch + undock on a specific monitor and Auto-refresh Citrix Netscaler connection

Ricky . View475 Blog20

Feature Request: Amazon RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) – AWS)

Peter S View86 Blog4

Running The Typeing Macro Key From a Hotkey

Craig Holmes View126 Blog7

ability to add buttons to 'overview' dashboard

H K View81 Blog2

Remote Desktop Manager is automatically pinned to the Taskbar

Dominik Saul View65 Blog2

FEATURE REQUEST - Synchronizer for SCVMM (System Center- Virtual Machine Manager)

A Roth View214 Blog6

Ability to have external applications request elevation

Colin Judd View60 Blog2

make tab color border thicker

H K View60 Blog2

Improvement for RDM Jump

Andreas Cederlund View425 Blog9

Tabs - Visual Effect

Vince Developer View101 Blog2

Credential Selection on Folder / Company etc. entries

Min Destens View656 Blog9

(AD) Synchronizer Improvements

Min Destens View153 Blog6

Double Click Command Line entry to open the connection.

Derrell` Brame View83 Blog5

API Prepoplutate or Bulk Import

Michael Davies View184 Blog8

FEATURE REQUEST - SSH Session + Google Auth 2FA

Emilio Bruna View190 Blog3

2FA challenge more forgiving

perler View96 Blog2

web browser status - disable Devolutions Web Login connection

Min Destens View118 Blog4

Allow IE 'Compatibility Mode' in browser entry

H K View81 Blog2

Add column repositories

reniera View211 Blog11

SQL Report Query Test Button

Derrell` Brame View78 Blog2

Add "Private vault search" credential option to the function "run as..."

IT Operations View69 Blog2

Lock/Disable SSH Key Agent when RDM is locked

Anthony Alston View181 Blog5

SSH Keyboard Backspace Mode

Jonas View76 Blog2

Add "Private vault search" credential option to the function "run as..."

IT Operations View69 Blog3

GlobalProtect VPN

Emanuele Felline View332 Blog9

Web Login Extension Adjustable Search Configuration

Miles Brennan View318 Blog5

Filter option "Expand entries on filter"

Min Destens View85 Blog2

Ignore Autocomplete=off Code

Eric Pelezo View209 Blog10