Remote Desktop Manager - Feature Request

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User Interface - Sort Order

Eric Bonham View62 Blog4

Distribute templates based on security groups/departments

Rainer Fuebi View39 Blog2

Feature Request - Morning Check

Philippe MERIGOT View27 Blog2

Add shortcuts to multiple folders at once

TVI Tecnica View73 Blog7

Web Login Extension Adjustable Search Configuration

Miles Brennan View80 Blog3

Duplicate shorcut improvement

TVI Tecnica View57 Blog4

FEATURE REQUEST - Shortcut to launch Wayk Now in the Tools Section of RDM

A Roth View92 Blog5

MFA Issues with ConnectWise/ScreenConnect 6.3

Miles Brennan View480 Blog18

password selector - pre filter

Jonas K View80 Blog4

OpenVPN - enable save password

Sander Verhoeven View116 Blog10

support for elliptic curve hostkey algorithms in Integrated SSH Shell

Steffen Kolbe View48 Blog2

Auto Add Devices to Playlist

Patrick View852 Blog10

Installer -> Run application now

Min Destens View95 Blog7

Visibly Show Active VPN Connection

Rich Saunders View683 Blog8

Support for Pulse Secure VPN

Gary Patterson View139 Blog8

Password list - CTRL/SHIFT+CLICK for display credentials in new window

Martin Haller View63 Blog5

FEATURE REQUEST - Synchronizer for SCVMM (System Center- Virtual Machine Manager)

A Roth View92 Blog5

Management Tools option for users

Csaba Vásárhelyi View71 Blog3

It Glue

terafirma View498 Blog7

Import from terminals folder dosent work

Tomasz Rupiewicz View141 Blog9

Activity Report send to mail account

yves Bender View44 Blog4

FEATURE REQUEST - SSH Session + Google Auth 2FA

Emilio Bruna View60 Blog2

GlobalProtect VPN

Emanuele Felline View95 Blog5

View logon credentials without RDM installed

Chris Pohts View150 Blog12

Smart Card PIN saving

Nick Taucher View131 Blog4

Copy RDP Entry Name To Clipboard

Cody Delcambre View202 Blog9

Shortcut for moving Entrys between Repositorys

Thomas Kritzinger View62 Blog4

Find and replace option in a selection

Joel Witherspoon View80 Blog5

More user permission controls

Joel Witherspoon View71 Blog3

Session name copy without edit

Joel Witherspoon View54 Blog2