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Smart Card PIN saving

Nick Taucher View528 Blog9

Windows Admin Center Compatibility

Randall Wagenmann View173 Blog5

Templates => Organization with Folders

Min Destens View49 Blog2

Convert Folder to Repository

Mathieu Coupé View44 Blog2

Add "exclude characters" in password generator -> use a pattern

Wesley Haegens View157 Blog3

Quick Connect - login automatically upon template selection

Ricky . View293 Blog9

It Glue

Brett Hobbs View1166 Blog14

Checkpoint Dashboard Add IN

Wesley Pronk View5663 Blog37

Add an 'inactivity' component to "Automatically close session after n minutes" (RDP Sessions)

Steve Redden View62 Blog3

Search between repositories and add credentials to connections

TerenceSkill View69 Blog3

Undock session resolution set to work area screen

Ricky . View69 Blog4

Open more than 1 data source in PVM or RDM

Robert Nieznansky View43 Blog2

Export => Include unlinked Credentials

Min Destens View59 Blog2

Thumbnails for RDP Connections?

luddy View6360 Blog34

HowTo use Credentials with OTP from private Vault within a Entry of the public Database?

Saro Thomschke View185 Blog9

Multi-Select Window for Executing Macros

Cazi Brasga View56 Blog2

Feature Request

Jordy Slagter View76 Blog3

Ability to Use PVM/RDM with Notes Open for Modification

James Bullock View61 Blog2

Allow RDP>Advanced>"Automatically close session after n minutes" to be set globally

Steve Redden View48 Blog2

Remove installer after auto-update

Robert Pajak View54 Blog2

Add Custom Remote Application (Baramundi bRemote) to RDM

Bernd Rechtien View71 Blog4

New Entry (Batch) and Templates

Min Destens View146 Blog5

Feature Request: LastPass/1Password integration for Datasource Master Key password dialog.

Jim Jones View58 Blog3

Stop changing the GUI Focus on disconnect

V. Britton View58 Blog2

Add Mateso Passwordsafe as Password Storage

Frank Baier View417 Blog12

Certificate expiration alerts

IT Security View770 Blog11

Cisco Remote Session to auto create a back up config file

Mike Adams View55 Blog2

Set SSH Fingerprints manually

Sebastian View659 Blog10

Default Duo Two Factor to Push Option

Cazi Brasga View130 Blog7

Don't delete default credentials when switching Credentials to Inherited

Adrian Puente View67 Blog4