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Session>Events: Implement "Wait for Exit" for more types

sredden View199 Blog11

Ability to add VPN routes in a single command prompt window?

noc03 View46 Blog4

Sophos SSL VPN and OTP

michael48 View149 Blog6

Ability to create per user Variables.

vincent03 View54 Blog3

CyberArk PSM "Privileged Account" option needs flexibility

vincent03 View77 Blog2

Option to not expand sub-connections in the treeview when filtering

lm05 View177 Blog9

Add Make & Model to Hardware Information

JonnyRockets View353 Blog9

Support for Android as target for RDM for WIndows

Sime3000 View58 Blog2

Shift + select connections

chaoscreater View322 Blog10

Passwordlist - enhanced modifying

mwa View102 Blog4

TAG multi vault / datasource

reniera View273 Blog13

Xtam Integration

admin14 View62 Blog2

manage clipboard notification

reniera View228 Blog2

Allow SSH ports with variables

jhd View827 Blog5

Remove the Register Product button

chip View169 Blog3

Web site session, download file should have a "Default download location" setting

Anders Lund View131 Blog7

Use tags to control access to servers

sre View84 Blog4

Quick Connect - login automatically upon template selection

chaoscreater View1064 Blog26

Undock session resolution set to work area screen

chaoscreater View629 Blog17

Quick Connect template indicator / display

chaoscreater View164 Blog7

Security Options in GPO/ADMX Templates

nsam View114 Blog3

Navigation Groups should be collapsable

ronald04 View151 Blog11

Undock to a virtual desktop?

chaoscreater View196 Blog6

Customize format/colour for active sessions

chaoscreater View321 Blog5

Quickly switch between last session

chaoscreater View361 Blog5

Windows clipboard history < > copy username + password

sander01 View562 Blog9

Add parent entry name in repository credential screen

lm05 View61 Blog2

Time Based Access

mrains2k View857 Blog6

Time-dependent role.

Marcel G View209 Blog4

OpenVPN Add-on - Google Authenticator Support

jacob01 View685 Blog7