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Bug report forum for Remote Desktop Manager Windows Navigation tree collapsed after start a Web Browser Session in external display mode

Min Destens View340 Blog8

Embedded Excel document issues

Min Destens View244 Blog4

[SOLVED] Quick access toolbar: items not remembered after closing RDM

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Bulk Edit not able to edit Delete

Jonas View255 Blog4 - Error message when Batch Edit if Root Filter is active

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Citrix Netscaler entry not gaining focus in navigation tree

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Keyboard doesn't work when jumping in RDM

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Hide Dashboard, still showing when opening connection

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Bug in playlist ?

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13.0.6 SSH sometimes gets stuck at commands, pressing a key like space fixes it

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Entries not recognizing parent folder

Ricky . View357 Blog4

Wake on Lan doesnt work for Web Browser Sessions

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New-RMDUser not working anymore

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vmconnect is now located in a "version-folder" and is renamed

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broken navigation and pane update

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After closing a tab, another open tab becomes visible, but will not accept input

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Native SSH shell - font size in RDM options (and other)

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Moving Folders in RDM - Mess up

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When connecting to RDP keyborad changed

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SSH Shell with a non resolvable hostname crashes RDM

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Variables in "Citrix (Web)" url

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AD Synchronizer with Folder Templates

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Not prompted for certificate authentication using web browser session, embedded, with chrome.

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Folder from template not naming correctly

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Contact Management - Import from Outlook

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Hidding/closing dashboard - crash or not working

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Usage Report - Android App users show only android version not the username

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Import CSV translation issues

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