Remote Desktop Manager - Beta

Bugs, comments or suggestions; anything related to Remote Desktop Manager Beta

Version Beta - Broken ICA

Petr Valouch View3460 Blog2

SSH tunels

alazif View4086 Blog5

Version Beta - Problems focusing sessions

neva View4086 Blog6

Fixed: Event- Variable does not work

Blindfox View4342 Blog14

Version 5.8 Beta

David Hervieux View22000 Blog73


Matt View3271 Blog4

RDM does not save user/domain

avdelshout View3733 Blog5

Version 5.7 Beta

David Hervieux View14280 Blog19

Password Protect Data Source

cthrockmorton View3390 Blog4

Multiple Monitors w/ Different Resolutions

cthrockmorton View4274 Blog2

RDP Keyboard Shortcuts

cthrockmorton View10890 Blog11

RDM 5.7.x description field layout change option

Bobf View4411 Blog6

Feedback on Remote Desktop Manager

cthrockmorton View2743 Blog2

Bottom half of Remote Desktop Manager Window

cthrockmorton View2870 Blog2

Minimize on Close - Wish List Item

cthrockmorton View2740 Blog3

Remote Destop Manager Enterprise

cthrockmorton View3206 Blog2

Mulitple Monitors

cthrockmorton View2913 Blog4

Local resources

cthrockmorton View3248 Blog3

ERROR SILENT: when opening

v65v65 View2994 Blog2 - SQL

sander View3624 Blog7

RDM Description field empty

Bobf View3440 Blog7

Unexpected error

sander View2919 Blog3

RDM crashes the Layout

Bobf View5557 Blog21

location of cfg-file

gpunktschmitz View4157 Blog9 Beta Win32Exception

trunboit View3174 Blog5

Version 5.6 Beta

David Hervieux View14584 Blog21 unable to open UltraVNC sessions.

Bobf View3523 Blog6 Set to run at startup prompting

DavidSzp View3017 Blog4 Filter box intermittently disappears

jskuby View2780 Blog2

Menu bug

sander View2722 Blog2