Remote Desktop Manager - Beta

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Mulitple Monitors

cthrockmorton View2853 Blog4

Local resources

cthrockmorton View2740 Blog3

ERROR SILENT: when opening

v65v65 View2949 Blog2 - SQL

sander View3563 Blog7

RDM Description field empty

Bobf View3384 Blog7

Unexpected error

sander View2868 Blog3

RDM crashes the Layout

Bobf View5506 Blog21

location of cfg-file

gpunktschmitz View4094 Blog9 Beta Win32Exception

trunboit View3134 Blog5

Version 5.6 Beta

David Hervieux View14453 Blog21 unable to open UltraVNC sessions.

Bobf View3458 Blog6 Set to run at startup prompting

DavidSzp View2956 Blog4 Filter box intermittently disappears

jskuby View2738 Blog2

Menu bug

sander View2686 Blog2 Session filtering issue

jskuby View2500 Blog1 Autocomplete results do not match sessions

jskuby View3646 Blog4 Desktop shortcut issue

jskuby View3522 Blog6 starting multiple sesssions/connections

gpunktschmitz View3664 Blog2 Global Fit Embedded RDP not working

jskuby View2898 Blog3 edit of an existing session fails

Bobf View2864 Blog3 New blank / edit RDP host session error

marlonqpa View2849 Blog3 new data source XML

gpunktschmitz View2945 Blog2 font color changes (minor bug)

gpunktschmitz View3468 Blog6 can't select VNC application when tabbed

gpunktschmitz View3105 Blog5 putty connection without putty installed

gpunktschmitz View3290 Blog2 textual: dameware and radmin settings

gpunktschmitz View2890 Blog2 Error when setting offline mode

jskuby View4425 Blog5

textual bug

gpunktschmitz View3099 Blog5

Password to mdb

alazif View2820 Blog3

My small sugestion

alazif View2760 Blog2