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Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1 (Beta)

David Hervieux View1053 Blog9

Performance release 2019.2.x

Marcel G View287 Blog23

RDP Sessions not resizing (2019.2.6.0)

Martin_ View129 Blog5

Reconnect when using multiple panes

Martin_ View64 Blog3

SSH issues 2019.2.5.0

Martin_ View37 Blog2


cchilderhose View64 Blog3

RDM 2019.2 Beta ETA.

boubou View157 Blog5

RDM 2019.1 bugs

Martin_ View3084 Blog111

Update UltraVNC version to latest

bjarke View128 Blog4

Certificate Management

dustin03 View127 Blog4

2019.1.30.0 webbrowser regex are not saved in offline mode

Min Destens View141 Blog3

Recording session activity logs

reniera View220 Blog6

Installer/updater annoyances

Ferd View1419 Blog18

2019.1.30.0 Connect if available window issue

Min Destens View191 Blog4

SQL Schema Error x64

sheldonhull View640 Blog6

2019.1.30.0 GUI bug in combination with enabled thumbnails view and keep tab on disconnect

Min Destens View168 Blog4

5 errors in RDM 2019

daniel.schick View904 Blog18

2019.1.30.0 Open with parameters - credentials double prompt

Min Destens View169 Blog3

2019.1.30.0 Clear filter not available in Private Vault

Min Destens View135 Blog3

2019.1.29.0 ssh recording playback not working

reniera View143 Blog7

Setup.RemoteDesktopManager.2019.1.27.0 online drive script errors??

john02 View138 Blog2

Bug recording session saving file destination

reniera View320 Blog10

RDM autoscroll during continuous ping stays on top of the page

raymond.jansen View434 Blog9

Autoscrolling broken in 2019.1.17

Martin_ View222 Blog4

2019.1.18.0 filter loose focus after filtering

Min Destens View219 Blog3

In Beta release 2019.1.15.0 I cannot access the Tab group pick list on some Entry types

MBroadfield View296 Blog6

Login title for Cisco ASDM

Martin_ View211 Blog3

2019.1.15.0 SSH Shell (Shift key and mouse navigation not working)

Min Destens View228 Blog8

2019.1.12 GUI issue (no wordwrap)

Min Destens View275 Blog7

Text colour Jump hosted session.

Marcel G View194 Blog4